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Home automation is a concept that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Previously, it was only part of commercial buildings and a few high-end homes. However, with technological solutions becoming more readily available, “smart homes” are now within the reach of the ordinary homeowner.

Generally, home automation refers to the process of connecting systems and devices in the home with each other via the internet. This is in order to gain automatic and remote control of the systems from anywhere with a mobile device.

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Home Automation Services and Components

There are many services and systems that can be automated in a home. These are for example:

  • Lights
  • Home appliances
  • Power outlets
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • The home’s alarm or security systems and cameras
  • Fire monitoring
  • Surveillance of the home
  • Door and window locks
  • Audio speakers
  • Window and door shades and blinds

Basically, there is no limit as to the number of services that can be added to a home automation system as long as they can be programmed.

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How do home automation systems work?

The main aim of an automation system is to bring together all systems to be automated in a home under one system or controller. This is, for example, a smartphone, tablet or a personal computer. The systems can then be remotely controlled from this central device, from any location.

More than the remote control of various functions, home automation systems offer the opportunity to automate services. To be able to automate a service or system, you need to program instructions into the system. For example, you can schedule electronic window blinds to open at daylight and close at dusk. Another example is setting air conditioning systems to automatically adjust temperatures based on outside temperatures.

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Benefits of Home Automation

Is home automation worth it, you may wonder? There are several benefits of a smart home. For example:

  • Cost savings: Automated systems offer numerous opportunities to save on cost despite the initial costly investment. For instance, you save money on energy bills when your heating and cooling systems adjust according to temperatures. Also, you can prevent wastage such as switching off lights, appliances, and utilities that are not in use.
  • Increased safety and security: Automated systems offer a good way to monitor the home’s security. This includes alerts of unusual movements in the home from sensors in alarms. Safety measures can also be incorporated into the home’s system to ensure that the home is free of accidents. For instance, through fire and smoke alarms and flooding alarms.
  • Comfort: Home automation offers a good level of comfort for the home’s occupants. This is because the automated system controls most of the key functions in the home. Therefore, you do not have to worry about forgetting to switch off lights, sprinklers or other important functions.

Overall, home automation is the trend to look out for. Moreover, it can be as easy as beginning with a few systems and adding systems over time. If you want a stress-free home with automated systems to handle most of the functions for you, call us now on (516) 523-7884. Our experts will give you a system to run your home in Amityville, NY and the nearby areas of Babylon and West Islip.

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